Dugga - Research on Digital Knowledge Assessment

Our research organization Dugga is running a number of research projects related to elearning and digital knowledge assessment. In some of these research projects we are using the digital examination system [Dugga] as a platform. Dugga spans digital exams, home exams, tests, homework evaluation, diagnostic tests, assignments and other types of knowledge assessments. The research that we are conducting on the Dugga platform allows us to test on any kind of device such as PC, Mac, Chromebook, iPad and mobiles. Our current research projects is focusing on providing educators with support from machine learning systems and thereby enable them to spend more qualitative time with students.

We are employing the power of machine learning in order to develop readily available functionality and answers to our research questions. Find out more about machine learning from Stanford University in this short video.


New possibilities - Increased quality of learning outcomes

Dugga Examination System provides new possibilities for educators. Teachers can finally focus on their students in the classroom.

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Knowledge assessment - a complete solution for your school

Science has come a long way since the early alchemists held out the lure of gold back in the fourth century.

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