Research & Development Board

Dugga's research and development initiatives are created and managed by its professional researchers. In connection to various research and development projects Dugga's team of researchers and developers are working to ensure the development of state of the art solutions. The board consists of prominent researchers and specialists in various fields.

Associates - International Research Projects

Dugga is running a number of research and development projects in different countries. In connection to these projects Dugga is working closely together with dedicated specialists and project managers associated to Dugga >>
Marla Royne Stafford - Marla holds a Ph.D. from the University of Georgia. She is the Great Oaks Foundation Professor of Marketing, Chair of the Department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management and Affiliate Faculty in the School of Public Health at the Fogelman College of Business & Economics, University of Memphis. MS Mats Brenner - Mats has been working with ICT related issues at the university of Gävle since 2000, and from 2006 and onwards he has been working as ICT-pedagogue at Learning Center - a departement that supplies teachers and students with information- and knowledge of ICT. Brenner has recently conducted a comprehensive study on digital examination systems.

Margot Racat – Margot holds a PhD from the IDRAC Business School, University Lyon 3 and associate researcher at Magellan Research Center. Margot is conducting research focusing on the interaction between human senses and digital environments. She has a special interest in human computer interaction, virtual and augmented reality as well as robotics.

No image Ebba Ossiannilsson - Ebba holds a PhD from Oulu University. She serves as a quality reviewer in open online learning  including OER and  MOOCs, for The International Council for Online and  Distance Education (ICDE) and for the European Association of Distance Teaching Universities (EADTU). She is an independent advisor in open online learning, especially on quality.
Mattias Svahn - Mattias holds a PhD from Stockholm School of Economics. His research focuses on mobile-media and in particular ambient media, internet-of-things media and games. Previously he has been senior coordinator of European Union framework projects. Mattias is a visiting professor at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga. Thashmee Karunaratne - Thashmee holds a PhD in Computer Science and is working as a project manager and researcher in the field of Learning analytics and educational data mining at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV), Stockholm University. She is a member of  ICT for Development research group as well as Data Science research group at DSV.​
Henrik Hansson – Henrik holds a PhD from Stockholm University. He is associate professor at the department of computer and systems sciences, Stockholm University. Henrik is also coordinator of the research group "ICT for Development" and a distinguished member of the research group "Technology Enhanced Learning". Richard Wahlund - Richard holds a PhD from Stockholm School of Economics. Richard Wahlund is the Bonnier Family Professor in Business Administration, especially media. He is also Head of the Department of Marketing and Strategy, and Head of the Center for Media and Economic Psychology at Stockholm School of Economics.